Schedule of Events

Sept 5 – Oct 12 — Anne Arundel, McKeldin library, Ischool, and other locations around campus.  LOTR Displays.   Check out LOTR cover art, Tolkien’s artwork, Tales before Tolkien, and Tolkien-inspired art.

Sept 5.  2:30 PM — Anne Arundel 0120, Gollum, the Great War, and the Last Alliance.  Peter Grybauskas, UMD, English

Sept 11.  2:00 PM — Anne Arundel Lounge.  Protecting the Dragon’s Hoard – a Nanotechnology Approach.  Ray Planeuf, UMD, Material Sciences

Sept 15.  6:30 PM — Tawes 1100.  Now that I see him, I do pity him’: Gollum’s Literary and Cinematic Development(s).    Thomas Johnson, Independent Scholar, English

Sept 17.  Noon — Anne Arundel Lounge. Tolkien Memes: Crowdsourced Literary Criticism?   Michelle Markey Butler, UMD, iSchool /Honors College and Tolkien’s Prose Style: Ambiguity and Enchantment in Small Words.  Chip Crane, UMD, English

Sept 22.  6:30 PM — Anne Arundel lounge.  Hobbit Day Dinner.  Celebrate Frodo and Bilbo’s birthdays.  Bring a dish to share.  Costumes encouraged, but not required  (any Middle-earth race is welcome!).  If you like, bring a song to share for the evening’s entertainment.

Sept 25.  2:00 PM — Anne Arundel Lounge.  Tolkien and Classical Epic: Processing Emotions through Storytelling.  Noah Ben Cogan, UMD, Classics.

Sept 25–NEW DATE!–7 PM – Catholic Student Center.  (sponsored by Catholic Terps).  Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost:  The Spirituality of J.R.R. Tolkien.  Bro. Patrick Mary Briscoe, O.P., M.Div. (Cand.)

Sept 26.  Noon –Anne Arundel lounge.  Speak Friend: Tolkien-based Authentication and Other Security Insights from Middle Earth.  Steven Lovaas, Colorado State, IT Security

Sept 30.  7 PM — Tawes 1100.  Come see A Quest for Meaning.  This new documentary from The Duncan Entertainment Group about J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis will premiere on PBS this fall, but you can see it now!  After the screening, director Chip Duncan will be here in person to have a Q & A with the audience.

Oct 3.  3:30 PM — Anne Arundel Lounge.  Staged reading of Tolkien’s Anglo-Saxon inspired play “The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth, Beorhthelm’s Son.”

Oct 5.  11 AM – 3 PM —  Ischool.  Tolkien in Education Day.  This event invites middle and high school students, as well as teachers and librarians. to set of moderated discussions about Tolkien in secondary education.

Oct 6. 6:30 PM — Tawes 1100.  Why Bother Defending the Shire?  Graham McAleer, Loyala Univ. MD, Philosophy and  Aesthetic Disgust, Adaptation, & The Lord of the Rings, Edward Alsedek, Calvert Hall HS, English   

Oct 8.  7 PM — Anne Arundel Lounge.  Come see Ringers, a documentary about growth and history of LOTR fandom.  Discussion to follow.

Oct 9.  3-7 PM — Ellicott Community Courtyard.  Medieval Maker Faire.  Learn how people in the Middle Ages made their clothes, prepared food, entertained themselves—and fought!

Oct 9.  7:30 PM — La Plata Multipurpose Room.  Ken Mondschein analyzes (and demonstrates!) swordfighting in films in general and in the LOTR movies in particular.  

Oct 10.  9 AM. — La Plata Multipurpose Room.  Student Research Conference.  Undergraduates present their research papers about Tolkien, LOTR, and Middle-earth.

Oct 10.  1:30 PM. — La Plata Multipurpose Room.  Preeminent Tolkien scholar (and UMD faculty emerita) Verlyn Flieger explains why Tolkien is as much modern as medieval.

Oct 10.  3:30 PM. — La Plata Multipurpose Room.  Introduction to Elvish.  Learn about Tolkien’s Elvish languages, including his purposes and methods for creating them, from Carl Hostetter, an —  many would say the — expert on Tolkien’s invented languages.

Oct 11, 9:30 AM – 10 PM — Stamp Movie Theater.  LOTR Movie Marathon.  Come watch Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy on the big screen.