Introduction to Elvish

Oct 10.  3:30 PM. 

La Plata Multipurpose Room

Learn about Tolkien’s Elvish languages, including his purposes and methods for creating them, from Carl Hostetter, an —  many would say the — expert on Tolkien’s invented languages.



By day, Carl Hostetter is a Computer Engineer with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. By night and on most weekends, he is a member of the team selected by Christopher Tolkien to edit and publish Tolkien’s writing on the languages of Middle-earth. He is also the editor and publisher of “Vinyar Tengwar”, a journal of Tolkienian linguistics; and the co-editor, with Verlyn Flieger, of “Tolkien’s Legendarium”, a volume of essays on “The History of Middle-earth” (2002 Mythopoeic Scholarship Award winner). He has also contributed a number of essays and articles on Tolkien’s invented languages and other topics to numerous books and journals.